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News from CCP

10. June 2015

Difficult harvest

The harvest 2014/15 predictions by autumn were anything but rosy. After completion of the campaign the fears have come true. Shortly summarized:

- Less fruits on the trees as in previous Years
- Delayed harvest (start middle / end of January)
- Heavy rains in February / March
- End of the harvest already in mid-April

The „Consorzio Italiano Industrie di Trasformazione Agrume“ (CITRAG ; associated members form 90% of the processing industry) claims a decrease of 40%. The „Comité de Liaison de l’Agrumiculture Méditerranéenne“ ( CLAM ) talks even of a 50% lower production than last Year. The lower amount and the short harvest period resulted also in very low Anthocyanin values.

Please contact us for detailed information – Do not hesitate to call us and take advantage of our know-how as well as local presence in Sicily!

08. May 2015

Lebensmitteltag 2015

Also this Year we participated at the event “Lebensmitteltag” (focus: spirit of time). The exciting presentations covered all actual themes like: New Swiss Food Regulation (LMV), vegan nutrition, Food Waste and religiously correct meals. The disposition also offered enough opportunities to exchange among participants and to conduct lively discussions.

02. March 2015

Low cost beverage-compounds

In recent weeks we have successfully sampled a variety of beverage compounds for Eastern Europe and Russia. Thanks to our excellent connections in Sicily and Calabria, professional labs and the expertise of our Technical Director we produced different recipes of various drinks. These concentrates for low-juice products are manufactured directly in Southern Italy and delivered to the respective countries. Providing low production costs for our customers we are able to compete in price sensitive countries. Are you interested in an offer? Or in a recipe development? Contact us today!

09. October 2014

We are on the spot – Sicily

By the end of September we visited our key partner in Sicily. The permanent exchange linked with personal contact, additionally ensured throughout the Year by Dr. Massimo D'Avella (Technical Director of the California Citrus Products LTD; living in Sicily), gives us a holistic overview within the citrus industry. How is the harvest developing? What prices can be expected? Do our partners invest in new infrastructure and are they ready for the upcoming season? And how are our competitors acting? Know-how combined with the knowledge of current trends provides projection! Convince yourself of our expertise - contact us!